Lexicon Property Limited is an established team of property insurance experts with over 50 years’ experience providing brokers and solicitors with insurance for commercial and residential property.

Prior to partnering with ibroker, the team at Lexicon generated quotes and policies using a system which, as it was not developed specifically for MGAs, had limited functionality and was frustratingly time and resource consuming. Keen to grow the business, they needed a cost-effective software solution that would free up valuable underwriter and administration time, allowing them to focus on providing excellent service to their existing and new clients.

ibroker, a complete broker portal-to-bordereau MGA software solution, met all of the Lexicon team’s needs:
• Cloud based, so no in-house server required
• No upfront costs
• Daily offsite and onsite backups, unparalleled data security
• From quote to cover in minutes
• Full accounting and credit control functionality
• Fast and efficient risk and payment bordereaux
• Built-in white labelling facility
• 24/7 technical support

Since they started using ibroker in February 2017, Lexicon have seen their business transformed:

“ibroker has transformed our business, it has driven a number of efficiencies and allowed us to provide a first class service to our brokers. I have no doubt that without ibroker we would not have achieved the same growth we have been able to deliver whilst managing our expenses.”
– James Watkin, Managing Director, Lexicon Property Limited

“ibroker has proved an invaluable tool for our company. It has given us the capacity to significantly increase our GWP whilst dramatically reducing our administration time, freeing up resources to enable us to improve our client service standards, our marketing and grow our business further.”
– Gary Chapman, Executive Chairman, Lexicon Property Limited

They have achieved impressive growth in new business and crucially, this has been achieved without the need to increase staffing levels.

“From the date of the launch, we saw our new business growth more than double over the first 3 months. After 5 months we had written more business than we had in the whole of the previous year.” 
– Gary Chapman, Executive Chairman, Lexicon Property Limited

The ibroker team are excited to see what Lexicon achieves in the next 12 months.

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