As an MGA, documentation and reporting are a critical part of your business. The specialised custom reporting required within the insurance industry is central to the ibroker software. Unlike many other systems, ibroker includes all of your accounting functions to keep track of broker and insurer payments

  • Automated ‘risk’ and ‘payment’ bordereaux for each insurance partner so that you can easily communicate your on-cover risks at the touch of a button.
  • Broker payment reconciliationsinvoices are created automatically and sent directly to your brokers at the moment a policy goes on cover. Keep track of your broker payments in the intuitive Receipts and Allocations section.  Invoices are provided nett of broker commission which is fully customisable on an individual broker basis.
  • Transactional loggingkeep an audit trail of transactions to maintain an ongoing check on quote creation.

ibroker is a complete solution that covers the whole life of policy process from start to finish, saving valuable time and removing the requirement for re-keying and data duplication.

ibroker’s online dashboard provides visual analysis of your performance in real time, allowing you to track the performance of your brokers and underwriters to maximise efficiency and revenue.

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