Maximise the efficiency of your team

As an MGA, you’re always running against the clock  turning round your quotes quickly is extremely important and can be challenging.  You can’t afford to make mistakes so every quote needs to be reviewed thoroughly, which takes up valuable underwriter time.

At the heart of the ibroker system lies your own fully customised question set and rating engine. Every MGA is different so to reflect that each of our MGA’s has their own system, their own code line. This means we can make your own system work for you and you are not reliant on system-wide policies or changes from other users. Essentially we build a new bespoke solution for you.

You can then set specific parameters that will trigger an auto quote for those straightforward policies where all your specified criteria have been met. Not only does this mean that your brokers receive their quote within minutes, but it also frees up your underwriters to concentrate on the important complex quotes that need their expertise and offer an improved margin.

These efficiencies have been driving growth across our MGA portfolios. One MGA saw a 48% increase in new business in the first year of use, another has grown its GWP over 5 times in 3 years.


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