Do I need a new website?

No, A link to the ibroker portal is placed on your home page for brokers to login to the ibroker Quote and Bind system. The transition is seamless as your ibroker portal will be stylised with your corporate identity and all documentation white-labelled.


What are the upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs.* ibroker provides all the software, as many licenses as you require, the server or servers, installation and training.


Is ibroker a ‘One Product Fits All’ solution?

No, each ibroker system is unique! The ibroker core solution is further developed to create a near bespoke solution to perfectly fit the needs of your individual business, insurers and products.


Are there any additional ongoing costs?

Generally, there is no additional cost to running ibroker over and above the agreed monthly commission fee.  Full maintenance of the system is included and our belief that we grow by helping you grow means that most ongoing development is also included in your ibroker package. **


Can we add bespoke content?

Yes. Our mission is to help you grow because when you grow, we grow with you, so if your business demands change then we are right there with you and generally, there would be no fee chargeable for development which will help to grow your GWP.**


What type of insurance does ibroker cater for?

ibroker caters for all your insurance products in one place. Property Owners, Commercial Combined, Tradesman, Directors and Officers, Probate, in fact any product or combination of products can be included in your ibroker solution.


Does ibroker provide bordereau reporting?

Yes. We understand that different insurance providers have different requirements for risk reporting and payment. usually, at least two bordereaux are required by each provider: a risk bordereau and a payment bordereau.  ibroker provides individual bordereaux for each binder included in your system, while also providing separate bordereaux for complementary insurance products such as legal, employers liability, and terrorism.


Does ibroker include accounting facilities?

A full sales ledger is included which provides automatic invoices and statements, receipts, allocations and adjustments, full sales reporting including aged debtors, aged creditors, transaction reporting (audit trail), sales day book, cashbook, and much more. Additional reports can be added on request. ***


How many users can I have using ibroker at one time?

Unlimited. You can add and delete users as required in the preference section of the ibroker back office at no extra cost.


How many users can my brokers have?

Unlimited. Your brokers can add and remove users in the properties section of their web portal in the ibroker web front end.


Does ibroker provide a Quote and Bind facility?

Yes, ibroker is a fully automated Quote and Bind facility which includes auto-renewal for non-referral risks.


Can a broker access ibroker from multiple locations?

Yes. Your brokers can link offices in multiple locations while still working autonomously within their own accounts.


Do I need an internal server?

No. ibroker provides you with an external server and everything you need to run the ibroker SaaS including back office software and all relevant licenses.


What underwriting aids are included in ibroker?

There is a core set of underwriting aids including, but not limited to, Google Maps, Street view, Geo Location, flood map with timestamp, crime map, hygiene map and regularly updated sanctions list, all of which can be accessed without leaving the ibroker back office environment.


What is Geo Location?

ibroker’s Geo Location function allows you to view all the risks you have on cover in a specified radius up to 10km of a given postcode location.


Do I have access to my data?

You retain title to all your data held within the ibroker system and can request copies of some or all of your data at any time in a variety of formats.


How secure is my data?

Your data is encrypted and stored on Amazon secure servers. Your ibroker system is fully backed up every 30 minutes, with incremental backups occurring at 10-minute intervals to minimise data loss or re-keying in the event of a system outage. In the event of a catastrophic server failure, your whole ibroker system can be rebuilt on a new server, usually within an hour.


What support can I expect from ibroker?

We have developed our own support ticket system which you can access 24/7. An ibroker developer will be assigned to your ticket and will communicate with your user via the ticket system until the issue is resolved. We aim to address all tickets within 24 hours. Depending on the severity of the issue the majority of tickets are resolved within an hour.


Can my brokers still use Acturis?

Yes. As ibroker is fully compatible with the Acturis platform, your brokers can continue to use Acturis and the seamless transition of data from Acturis to ibroker means that there is no re-keying required at your end.






*ibroker does however require a security deposit which is refunded back to you in lieu of commissions over the first year of trading with us.

**ibroker will not usually make a charge for development where it can be seen that the development is required to grow your business and increase GWP. Development which may be classed as cosmetic changes or which is not likely to bring significant improvement to the annual GWP may incur a charge at a rate agreed prior to commencing such development.

***Charges may apply to building additional reports at a rate agreed prior to commencement.


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